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2022-23 NBA Mosaic Blaster

2022-23 NBA Mosaic Blaster

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Introducing the 2023 Mosaic Basketball Card Blaster Box – Your Gateway to Hoops Heaven! Get ready to experience the thrill of the NBA like never before with the highly anticipated 2023 Mosaic Basketball Card Blaster Box. This limited-edition collector's item is a must-have for basketball enthusiasts, rookies, and seasoned fans alike. Whether you're looking to start your collection or add some stunning new cards to your existing one, this blaster box is your ticket to hoops greatness. Whether you're looking to complete your collection, chase down rookie cards, or simply enjoy the thrill of opening packs, the 2023 Mosaic Basketball Blaster Box is your one-way ticket to the heart of the NBA action. Order now and elevate your basketball card collection to new heights!

  • 6 Packs per Box
  • 6 Basketball Cards per Pack
  • 36 Basketball Cards per Box
  • Looks for Exclusive Blaster Mosaic Orange Fluorescent Prizms
  • Look for Ultra Rare Mosaic Genesis Prizms
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