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Ancient Roar SV4K Booster Pack - Japanese Pokémon TCG

Ancient Roar SV4K Booster Pack - Japanese Pokémon TCG

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Dive into a realm where past meets future with the Japanese Pokémon TCG sets Ancient Roar and Future Flash. Uncover the all-new Ancient or Future Mechanic, where designated cards interact synergistically, enriching your strategic gameplay. Ancient Roar reverberates with echoes of bygone battles, featuring iconic cards like Sandy Shocks ex and Slither Wing. On the flip side, Future Flash illuminates the path ahead with futuristic stalwarts like Iron Hands ex and Iron Jugulis. Don't miss the chance to embrace the time-bending clash and enhance your collection with these meticulously crafted cards​

  • This set will contain 66 cards + SR cards or better
  • 1 booster pack includes 5 cards 
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