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Pokémon Trading Card Game 151 Booster Box (Japanese)

Pokémon Trading Card Game 151 Booster Box (Japanese)

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Experience the return of Kadabra and 9 of the OG Pokémons in the POKÉMON TCG S 151 Booster Box. 151 Pokédex-numbered cards await you, including Giovanni's Charisma and the new Tool card, Safety Goggles!


Immerse yourself in a wave of nostalgia with the POKÉMON TCG SV2a - Pokémon Card 151 Booster Box. This exclusive Japanese booster box is a treasure trove for trainers, celebrating the return of Kadabra after an astounding 20+ year hiatus and featuring 9 of the original (OG) Pokémons, including Mew ex and Alakazam ex.

The 151 Booster Box is a special commemorative release that every Pokémon Trading Card Game enthusiast will want to own. It boasts 151 Pokédex-numbered cards, providing an exhilarating journey through the original Pokémon roster. From pocket monsters you've grown up with to those you've battled with in games, this box encapsulates the essence of what makes Pokémon truly enchanting.

Don't miss out on this chance to celebrate the return of Kadabra and other beloved Pokémons. Catch the Pokémon Trading Card Game 151 Booster Box today and experience the magic of Pokémon anew!

  • - 20 booster packs per booster box
  • - 7 cards per booster pack

This product is in Japanese

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